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“What the world needs is people who believe so much in another world that they cannot help but begin the enacting it now” -Shane Claiborne


How easy it is to sit around complaining about the condition of our world, getting caught up in the unfairness of it all, that we forget to actually do something about it.

The problems seem so huge it can feel like there is nothing that only one person can do.spiritual

But this is untrue.

These people are only “one”;

Martin Luther King Jr.
Mother Teresa

but also let’s not forget the unheard of “ones”

A teacher in New York’s tough South Bronx giving hope and teaching kids to grow lush gardens for food, greenery, and jobs…ONE
The friend you went to high school with who sees a need and flies into Haiti to bring food and clothes…ONE
Your spouse that awakens the minds and hearts of his community, literally keeping people from committing suicide…ONE

Don’t ever feel hopeless. One person can and does make a world of difference, a new world; and you can be that one.


As you better yourself, you better the world