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When we get caught up with our goals, creating our dreams, and manifesting, it can be easy to overlook the most important aspect; surrender.th-1

Letting go to God, (however you interpret God) is most important, after all we didn’t create ourselves, and honestly the things we think we want aren’t always the things that are best for us. We force and struggle against a closed door, but when we completely surrender it seems like the door swings open with ease or a new door shows its self, and of course the new door is much, much, better than we could ever hope for.

So if you’re pushing up against something that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, or you find yourself struggling when it should be enjoyable, let go and let go completely.

After all a God that created this entire Universe that works in complete harmony would surely be able to handle our complex (sarcasm) lives. šŸ™‚


Remember, as you better yourself, you better the world.