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You know what’s amazing? We were all created with the ability to change. It’s the one true constant we can all see in nature with our eyes, but what’s really fantastic is we can also change on purpose.

Change_is_good_by_biswajittukaHave you ever run into a person you know after not seeing them for a year or two and they look completely different? In fact you hardly notice them, they’re in shape, lost weight, confident, they used their gift of change.

The same is true with us; If we’re tired of procrastinating, feeling unhealthy, wasting our talents, being angry with the world, amazingly we can change this. Sure it takes some focused attention but isn’t this awesome to think about? I had a man at one of my seminars decide right then and their he was going to be a more friendly employer and his world did a complete turn around, (you’ll have to read the book to hear about his story, it’ll floor you).

So no more pouting and complaining, do something about it… because you can!