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Emotional clutter can be just as negative as actually physical clutter. It’s when you hold on to feelings like anger, jealousy, envy, and blame. All of these emotions can keep you from experiencing a life of enjoyment and fulfillment.

thLet’s say you are constantly looking at Instagram and all the wonderful lives of those perfect pictures. You see friends on vacation, the perfect organized homes, the families with happy smiling children and you compare it to your life. Perhaps your children fight, the items in your home seem to have a mind of their own sprawled out the moment you pick them up, and the last time you went on a “real” vacation was, well you’re not sure.

What this does is keep you longing for what you don’t have rather than gratitude for what you do. It keeps your mind focused on a life you wish you had rather than loving and caring for the one you do. It makes a wonderful person become envious and often angry at mistakes they may have made in the past that could have given them something better or what they think is better. Either way it’s detrimental to a happy life.

The same is true for the other emotional baggage we may carry, it keeps us in a state of past mistakes or a longing for a different future. It’s time now to let go, forgive, and enjoy the life one beautiful life you were given.

Have a wonderful week.


As you better yourself, you better the world