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“A harvest of peace grows from seeds of contentment.”  -Indian proverb

Contentment can be such a tricky word especially for a society like America where values are placed on achieving more and more, and rising to the top. Contentment can seem like someone has just thrown in the towel and given up.

During one of my seminars a women made a comment that she was very content with the work she did cutting and styling hair and had no need for future goals. This caused a stirring with a few people as they could not grasp that she could be happy without wanting something more, they felt she was settling for less.

This made me realize why so many people are unhappy, once a goal is reached, many people want more, what they see as an “upgrade.” This type of life can never reach peace while continuously striving.

As a society we may not realize we even do this, it’s such habit. “Now that you graduated high school what college are you attending?” “Congrats on you first degree, are you going for you masters now?” “Oh you did that, are you going to get your PhD?” Can’t wait for your wedding, when do you think you’ll have children?” “You have a beautiful flower shop, are you going to expand soon?”

Contentment is an amazing feeling, you can relax, enjoying what you have without your mind consistently focused on the future. And the funny thing about it is, it often becomes the time when more ideas and inspiration come to you, also content energy brings you more to be content about.  Take the women from my seminar for example, she is now married and has her first child. It all unfolded naturally without goals, to do lists, affirmations, and vision boards.

So ask yourself; how much is enough, and when will I finally be content?


Have a wonderful week everyone and remember;
As you better yourself, you better the world.